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Founded in 1985, Village Shop is a textile design house based in Cannanore in the coastal town of kerala. Drop by at our store in Kochi and be surprised!
How it all began


Bina Valsraj started Village shop as a small family run boutique in Fort Kochi in Kerala. She resides in Cannanore now 'Kannur' where she set up her studio in 1985. She had the opportunity to work and be associated with visiting European and Indian designers and interior architects who provided the springboard to commence her work and branch out on her own, designing women's wear to start with and a variety of household textiles for limited clients and later 'Village Shop', now a registered brand.

Village Shop provides a platform where designers come together to learn and be part of the pool. The basic concept is to foster creativity and develop a platform to exclusively design, manufacture and sell using a multitude of channels providing value to customers.

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